Welcome to Halaylah Studios!

I’m Stephanie Brown, a New Mexico artist who specializes in acrylic painting and textiles. Halaylah is my pseudonym and alter ego. The studio itself is currently located in the Northwest hills of Albuquerque.

I finished two paintings in 2018 that I am very proud of: SEIZE, the graffiti-inspired piece that was 5 years in the making, and Skin on Skin, which took something like ten weeks from concept to finish.

Currently, I’m taking some of the poured acrylic canvases that didn’t turn out like I’d hoped, turning them into skies and painting over them. I have a couple of other canvases in the works, and of course I’m still working on my jean jacket.

I spent a lot of 2018 turning over a new idea in my mind, combining my doodles with all the textile techniques I’ve learned over the last several years. I think I’m just about ready to get started.

2019 is going to be interesting. Ready or not…

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