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I’m just getting started again here at halaylah.com. I’ll be building the site back out slowly, adding content, adding pages, trying to recover lost files, and learning how to add new features. So thanks in advance for your patience, and I always welcome suggestions and feedback!



I cannot paint faces. I gave it up long ago. Mrs. Blackmon, bless her, taught me how; it’s me. I just cannot get faces to look right, so all the people I’ve drawn or painted for decades have been boldly faceless. Then came my daughter, and for the first time in a very long time, …


This is my beautiful daughter. I took this photo a couple of years ago, and it is my favorite – and it is the one that has finally inspired me to attempt a portrait again, eight years after the last one. I don’t do faces. Yes, it’s a cop out, but it’s still the truth. …

Starting Over

I’ve had a blog for over ten years, and during that time as I’ve updated and re-vamped and moved things around, I have done my best to move my random thoughts with me, to preserve at least some of what I’ve written over the years. This time though, I can’t find any of my old …

What Was I Thinking?


Self Portrait


My Left Foot



Heart Doodle


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