Welcome to Halaylah Studios!

Currently located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Halaylah Studios specializes in painting and textiles.

Right now space is tight, so the focus is almost exclusively on paintings, specifically acrylics because they dry quickly and I can move them. I’ve just finished up a couple of pieces and will be listing the latest one in my shop this week.

As my midgees finish up the school year, I am making plans to convert to a kid-friendly art studio for the summer, so that we can all work together to create artwork for the New Mexico State Fair in August


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What Was I Thinking? (blog)

Flag Day

21 years ago today, I was a bridesmaid. For someone I loved very much – who soon afterward faded away, to be replaced by a stranger.

Today, the U.S. flag flies over internment camps – which we are politely asked to call “detention centers” – for kids that ICE soldiers forcibly took from their parents, for the mere act of showing up at our border to ask for help.

The bloated orange puppet in the Oval Office celebrates his birthday today as well.

June 14 can kiss my ass.

I dreamed about Cheo last night. I just remembered.

It was good. It was… comforting. It was friendly, and warm, and loving.
In the dream, he was still gone. But I got to say some things that I wish I could’ve said.

Dream A Dream

D-Rex has a hard time turning his brain off to go to sleep (he’s my kid!) So when he was little I used to tell him to lie down and imagine what he wanted to dream about. And I would give him suggestions involving animals doing silly things, and he always said “No!” to every suggestion.
But I still do it from time to time.

So tonight I told him to go to bed…

Me: …and dream about goats jumping on a trampoline.

D: NO!

Me: How about camels drinking root beer?

D: NO!

Me: Flamingos with hula hoops?

D: NO!!!

My husband: Would you stop? Now my dreams are gonna be all messed up!