The acrylic pouring is FUN – but I’m going through a ton of paint. 

I’ve had some really good results, and some fairly disappointing ones. I seem to be developing some skill at getting the paint to go where I want it to go – within reason, of course. The ones that don’t work, the canvases can be sanded down and re-used later. Meanwhile, I’m getting a lot of good ideas for future color combinations.

This is super-trendy, but ultimately not something I want to spend more than a summer on. I’ll dive into the chaos and rest my brain for a couple of months, and then jump back in with new ideas and new sketches in the autumn.

“Skin on Skin” is signed, sealed, and listed in the shop!

I’m working on a process piece that will walk through the whole progression from the original sketch, to the digital rendering, to the finished piece. Watch this space.

I’m still sorting through all the old boxes of stuff from the storeroom of my life. There have been a lot of changes in the last year, and the blog was unusable for most of that. Just recently, I found a lot of my old blog posts from as far back as 2004, so I’ve been going through those in addition to sorting through my own history from the new perspective of where I am now in my life.

There are a lot of half-finished blog post drafts, and a lot of notebooks whose pages have been used for random journaling. More content will be filled in over the next few weeks. I’m working on the Cassie story, and the Cheo story, and the coming-out story.