Starting Over

I’ve had a blog for over ten years, and during that time as I’ve updated and re-vamped and moved things around, I have done my best to move my random thoughts with me, to preserve at least some of what I’ve written over the years.

This time though, I can’t find any of my old blog posts. The site has been moved to WordPress, finally, which is what you’re supposed to do when you want to have a grown-up website. And I backed up my old site files, but now they only exist in a jumble of code and HTML gibberish, and I can’t figure out how to sort through all that to find any actual text. I didn’t back up any of the individual blog posts that I knew I wanted to keep. What was I thinking?

So now I’m starting over cold. No notes, no archives, no background information, just… Go.

So here we go. Welcome to the world of me.